Introduction to Our Story

Overall, I can be a rather quiet individual unless I get into a conversation about something I know, such as sports. In particular, basketball (NBA and NCAA) or American football (NFL and NCAA) where I could probably talk your ear off depending on what the discussion is specifically about (stay tuned for entries in regards to my love for those two sports as well if you’re interested.) Since I have quite a big passion for sports, it seemed fitting for me to start writing about my thoughts about it all to try and spread it further than to just the few people that care to listen to me about it. So, the idea to start up a blog, thanks in due part to two of my closest friends from high school, looked to be perfect. As it turns out, my cousin, Daniel, was also interested in starting a blog, so I figured, why not combine the two? And why not try to get my brother, Ardi, involved in some way as well? And so, here we are, starting out our new blog with this first entry.

I am a very family oriented guy, and two of the closest people in my life are in fact, Ardi and Daniel, who are a part of this collaboration with me. I’ve grown up with these two where we’ve been through a lot together, both good and bad, and over time, I have continued to grow closer and closer with them. Basketball was a big common denominator for the three of us, because like them, I undoubtedly love the game and also used to play (though a comeback may potentially be in the works, we shall see.) They, along with a lot of my other family members and some friends, definitely helped in moulding me to be the individual I am today. As I write this, I am also still a student studying Civil Engineering (though I am up to my last semester of study), but as mentioned above, my greatest passion lies within the realm of sports. I feel like I can also contribute in some way to writing in relation to other topics that may be a part of my life’s happenings. Hopefully you can enjoy or find interest in reading all the different stuff I may write about or maybe even be able to draw some sort of inspiration from it. That’s about all I can think of to introduce myself, so now, I’ll pass the rest of this entry on to Daniel to introduce himself.

–    Deejay (The Middle Fro, who is on the right of the photo)

Similarly, I too have a passion for sports, primarily basketball, as I have played the beautiful game for more than half my life. I have been lucky enough to have played all across the country as well as internationally. I have met many, many people in my career, some who made it to the pros and others who never play further than the black top. Some who had been playing and involved in the game since before I was born and some who were barely walking when I shot my first game winning fade-away on my plastic, sand filled hoop. Basketball has been there through my highs and lows and has even caused some of them. It has been the epitome of my life for almost as long as I can remember.

I was lucky enough to be taught how to be passionate and competitive by Deejay and Ardi from a very young age. It’s funny how your first friends as a kid are your cousins and given that I was a bit of a quirky, self-secluded child, they were my peers and role models in one. Deejay taught me that being you is the key to your own happiness. Primary school kids being as they are, I didn’t quite fit in with the norm. Tall, gangly, basketball and old school RNB weren’t the common trends around my school groups. However, I learnt from a great example of a cousin that to be true to yourself will lead to amazing places.

Ardi taught me many things too. From shooting free throws with your eyes shut in the back yard, to having an open and loud sense of humour. Ardi is one of those guys who just loves people. Loves being around them and involved with them and will jump at the opportunity to do anything with almost anyone. Yet his compassionate and ‘sensitive side’ is what truly taught me to love yourself first.

Ultimately, these two gents have shaped me into the person I am today. They have influenced so very many of my mannerisms and traits, yet helped me to form my own and I couldn’t be more grateful.

How is any of this related!? Basketball, Deejay & Ardi. They have been my constant guides and influences in life. Big decisions and small. They have also been my therapists through my many tribulations. Writing has also been there. Not as a public outlet, more as a personal and hidden outlet. I found I had an ability to articulate my feelings and true thoughts when given a pad and pen or a keyboard and screen. It has served the beautiful purpose of an ear to listen without passing judgement and the metaphorical punching bag when I needed to let some out. It was also a life coach when I would reflect in my writings and suddenly find new meanings.

My writings will mainly be on sports, whether current events or my own personal recollections. Even writings about the games and experiences I have now and if it becomes part of my regular routine, I may branch out into all things of my life.

Well that’s all from me for now, stay tuned for the very exciting ventures of Boyz N The Hoop.

– Dan (The Baby Fro, who is in the middle of the photo)


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